God speaks to the soul

Of the writings given to us by the mystic Justine Klotz, 850 sheets have been gathered in the collection, "GOD SPEAKS TO THE SOUL," which is published in German and in other languages.  

The title was given according to the Lord's will.  

Each publication was produced as a request of the Redeemer.  

Fr. Karl Maria Harrer of the St. Bruder Klaus parish in Munich, permitted the divulgation of the writings, after consulting the mystic's confessor.

What you are about to read is a synthesis of the 8 booklets above. Material for subsequent publications is ready in great quantities. 

All the writings and the originals are in the possession of her confessor.

Mrs. Justine Klotz was born in a little town near Munich on 25 February 1888 and died on 6 June 1984 in a retirement home.

She received messages until the end of her days.


Munich, 08.09.2013


The Curator

The Act of Love Prayer

Jesus, Mary, I love You!
Save priestly souls, save souls.
We beseech you:
Grant us to repeat this Act of Love a THOUSAND times,
with our every breath, with our every heartbeat.

(Imprimatur e Vicariatu Urbis, die 29.11.13)




With his book “Only Love Can Save”, Father A.M. Veigl has already presented the “Act of Love” which the Saviour gave to Justine Klotz, a blessed soul tested by suffering, to renew the world.


The Saviour told her: “I’ll show you the omnipotence of My Love: This Is My Mercy.”


Jesus asks us to pray this prayer, while USING the word THOUSAND, and promises the salvation not only of one but of a thousand souls!  A thousand at every breath, at every heartbeat.


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